Picture Zakk Wylde and you may envision, among other things, denim, an unruly beard, and a Les Paul. In a new feature, Zakk walks Premier Guitar through his favorite Pauls, including perhaps his most iconic instrument, the bull’s-eye adorned ’81 Custom he calls “The Grail:”

I don’t think it even had the paint job yet when we were recording (No Rest for the Wicked). When we were getting ready to do some photo shoots, I was like, “Dude, I can’t have a clean Les Paul. It’s Randy’s (Rhoads) signature thing.” I asked for the Hitchcock vertigo design but it came back with the bull’s-eye on it. I had to do the photo shoot the next day so I was like, “Fuck it.”

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Not a lefty.

Not a lefty.

Here’s an obscure one, Dave DiPietro selling his own instructional videos. DiPietro, as noted in the text, played guitar for TT Quick (“Go for the Throat” is the name of one of their songs) and Nuclear Assault, among other pursuits. He’s also known to be a mentor to Zakk Wylde. He’s not known to be left handed, regardless of the photo.

Scanned from Guitar Player, May 1993.




Though he’s now burly and rustic, Zakk Wylde was more on the pretty boy side when he joined up with Ozzy Osbourne. This Morley ad is from early on in that relationship, following the gigantic No More Tears.

Pulled from Guitar School, September 1992.

From the Rooney Archive.

Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt

Zakk Wylde has amassed quite the discography since first appearing on Ozzy Osbourne’s No Rest for the Wicked in ’88. This EMG ad is from relatively early in his career, during the southern rock informed days of Pride & Glory.

Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, November 1994.

Guitar World, in conjunction the kickoff of the 2012 NAMM show, hosted their first annual “Rock ‘n’ Roll Roast.” The victim: Zakk Wylde. The event means more than just a few laughs, as Loudwire describes:

The event is being held for a good cause, as well. All proceeds will be donated to MusiCares.

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And here are a couple of zingers at Zakk’s expense delivered by comic Brian Posehn (from the GW Twitter feed):

When Randy Rhoads died, I really missed Randy. Then I heard Zakk Wylde and I REALLY, really missed Randy.

Zakk Wylde makes Kerry King look human.

Get more quips from Jim Florentine, Scott Ian, and Zakk himself on Twitter.

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Have you perused Guitar World‘s archived interviews? They provide some great glimpses into moments in time. For example, Brad Tolinksi’s 1990 interview with Ozzy Osbourne took place at the outset of the Madman’s relationship with Zakk Wylde. At this turning point, Ozzy reflected on his guitarists past and present.

On Randy Rhoads:

It was a bit like going to music school. Randy was very instrumental in bringing me out of me. The first two Ozzy albums are by far the greatest things I’ve ever done. He was too good to last.

(I tend to agree with that sentiment …)

On Jake E. Lee:

(He) was fine for the first three days, then he wanted to take over … To be fair, Jake did have a fantastic presence and he was a great guitar player.

And on Zakk Wylde:

There were lots of benefits in choosing Zakk. He had followed my career and he knew my songs better than I knew them myself. We knew it wouldn’t be hard to break him in.

No mention of Bernie Tormé or Brad Gillis.

Read the entire piece at GW.

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Zakk Wylde has a chin.

Here’s a GHS Strings advertisement from Guitar School’s July 1990 issue. Remember the clean-shaven Zakk? That was a cool Les Paul he used to use.

Speaking of Zakk, he made Josh Sager’s list of “Guitar Heroes I Just Don’t Get” over at Fretterverse. About Zakk, Josh says:

The typical pentatonic bullshit “shredding” (if you can even call it that) just makes me nauseous.

I’m with you, Josh.

Check out that piece right here.


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