In a new (scratch that—it’s from 2016 but shared on social media … still going to write about it) Guitar World Q&A, Todd Rundgren discusses the notorious psychedelically adorned SG nicknamed “The Fool,” which had belonged to Eric Clapton. Did you know he didn’t obtain it directly from Clapton?

(I)t went through a number of hands before I got it. I think he gave it to George Harrison, and I’d heard that Paul Kossoff from Free owned it, too. I got it from Jackie Lomax, who was signed to Apple.

Does he still use it? Well … no:

I played it for decades, and I owned it until the mid-Nineties. I owed the IRS a lot of money, so I auctioned it off.

Read more at GW, including what is Rundgren’s most prized guitar.

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Veteran guitarist Steve Stevens, known for his squalling electric textures, has a soft spot for pretty music. As he revealed to Music Radar, Stevens is a fan of The Association, Burt Bacharach, and Laura Nyro:

I was a huge Todd Rundgren fan and followed him all the way through Utopia. Then I realized that a lot of his chord voicings, melodies, and a lot of his classic style were the result of him trying to be like Laura Nyro.

Learn the rest of Steve’s “not-so-guilty pleasures” at MR.

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There’s a whole lot more to Todd Rungren than “Hello, It’s Me,” in case you were unaware. Here’s Todd at his proggiest with his killer band Utopia doing “Initiation.”