Have you lost track of Andy Summers? Fear not: Popdose has a brand new interview with the guitarist wherein he discusses upcoming musical projects, playing stadiums in front of his kids, and Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police, an imminent documentary. The film is very much about Andy:

This is the story of a guy who passed through the rock scene. It’s a more visceral, and far more personal, experience, not some people yapping away about The Police’s place in rock history and all that.

Here’s a great anecdote about happening onto a Japanese karaoke bar with the film crew in tow:

I heard “Every Breath You Take” coming out of one of these bars. I got the cameraman, who followed me in, and I just joined in, surrounded by drunks. When I revealed myself they all just sort of gasped and sighed. We got lucky there.

Read it all at Popdose.

Right here.

Andy Summers, possibly behind a Camel.

A nice looking full page Dean Markley ad from the March 1986 Guitar for the Practicing Musician. Though Andy Summers is linked to The Police, that band broke up in 1984. This ad appeared just before the release of Every Breath You Take: The Singles, the Police compilation.


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