Guitar World is giving a nod to another amazing but often overlooked guitarist, the late Clarence White. Equally adept at acoustic flat picking and B-bender Tele twang, White was a respected session musician and member of several bands including The Byrds. The article highlights some of the guitarist’s finer moments, including The Byrds’ take on the Buck Owens song “Buckaroo.” From GW:

White rips open his bag of B-bender licks—and never closes it. Even his mistakes sound good.

Read up and listen to Clarence White at Guitar World.
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We here at Pointy Guitar just love a good list. Luckily, Guitar World has come to entertain us with “The Top 30 12-String Guitar Songs of All Time.” In addition to predictable double course icons like Led Zeppelin and The Byrds, the article cites some more off the wall choices like #22, Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “You Know You Know”:

‘You Know You Know’ off their first album stands out as guitarist John McLaughlin’s shining moment with the instrument. Fun fact: This song was later sampled by both Mos Def and Massive Attack.

(You were wondering how Mos Def and Massive Attack would make it to the pages if of PG weren’t you?)

And #23, Queen’s “’39”:

Brian May’s massive-sounding 12-string acoustic is an integral part of this sci-fi masterpiece about a group of astronauts who set out on what they think is a one-year journey, but when they get back, they realize they’ve been gone for 100 years. They simply don’t write Einstein allusions like this anymore.

Read about all 30 (and listen to many) at GW. 

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