That is definitely a wall of ’70s looking amps right there. There is info to be pieced together about Road amplifiers. A user on the Sunn forum said this:

They were made by Bud Ross of Kustom Amps,in Kansas I believe,later bought out by Griffin Music.

And in an article on Kustom amps, The Unique Guitar Blog noted:

Shortly after losing the Kustom Company, Ross moved to Los Angeles and started Road Electronics which manufactured Road Amplifiers. These are fairly obscure, but they were definitely made by Bud Ross. For a brief while Kustom produced a line of it’s own guitars that were also made in Chanute, Kansas.

Read that entire piece right here.

So the history is somewhat convoluted, but interesting. Anybody ever own one of these?

Taken from Guitar Player, June 1978.