Pointy guitars. Get it?

Is this the most useful thing you’ll see on the web today? Probably. Guitar World is sharing a helpful tutorial called “Eight Steps to Becoming a Legendary Hair Metal Guitarist.” They focus on techniques (tapping, pinch harmonics) and stagecraft (jumps and gestures), as well as, perhaps the most essential element, gear. What else would we highlight here besides headstocks?

Some say Eighties headstocks were used to scare off stalkers in the crowd. Others say they were meant to remind the lead singer to sleep with one eye open. Regardless of the actual reason, you’ll need to use razor-sharp headstocks that are strong enough to cut through flesh.

Get your hairspray and get over to GW. 

Right here.


As with Joe Strummer of The Clash (1955) and Andy Cox of The Beat (1956), Pointy Guitar was born on January 25, a year ago today. There were three posts that day (I’ll save you the trouble, because I know you’re just dying to relive that moment in history): a Joe Pass video, and bits about Peter Banks of Yes and The Scorpions. I’d say the tone was pretty well set.

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU. There’s more on the way.