“… rock solid guitarist …”

There’s lots of goofy text in this Kramer ad circumlocuting the fact that Mick Mars and Mötley Crüe were supporting Dr. Feelgood at the time. Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, March 1990.

From the Rooney Archive.


Floyd Rose with a Kramer with a Floyd Rose.

There’s a rather jaundiced looking Floyd Rose himself promoting the Floyd Rose Sustainer, a Kramer exclusive. You guessed it: The device has a web page devoted to it, which says:

The neck pickup humbucker actually doubled as a built-in Ebow type unit. Developed by Floyd Rose, Rick Knotts and Steve Moore, the unit yielded a magnetic force that caused the string to vibrate(sustain) infinately (sic).

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Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, January 1989.

“Tuning fork heads”

Mick Box and Trevor Bolder on the eve of Uriah Heep’s releasing Conquest, an album which reached #11 in Norway, it appears. Check out those aluminum-enforced-neck Kramers. Taken from Guitar Player, January 1980.

"Designed by Vivian Campbell and Buddy Blaze"

Here’s another vaguely mystical Vivian Campbell Kramer ad which pre-dates our previous example. Viv was still keeping a pretty high profile when this appeared in the February 1988 Guitar Player, considering he was nearly two years removed from Dio’s Intermission and still pre-Riverdogs, etc.

No, no, this entry is not about the Beatles, but about a triangular, solid body, floating tremolo-equipped electric guitar. Just what you were hoping for, I bet. Over at Guitarz they’re featuring the Kramer Gorky Park model. As they describe it:

The Gorky Park model was based on the shape of the Russian balalaika – a three-string triangular-bodied folk instrument. Somehow the pointy Kramer headstock spoils this metaphor …

You should really have a look.

Right here.

From The Collected Notes of Some Kramer PR Guy: "I envision Vivian barefoot, draped in turquoise on a mountaintop!" Huh.

Looks like Vivian Campbell is awaiting his Sri Chinmoy spiritual name or something here. This ad (cover 3) for the Kramer NightSwan comes from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, April 1989.