Here’s Adrian Belew with a fantastic live solo take on King Crimson’s “Three of a Perfect Pair.” Hip audience too, contributing background vocals and clapping in syncopated seven.


Adrian Belew has found himself in many fascinating scenarios throughout his illustrious career, not the least of which was opening a string of shows for Tool as a member of King Crimson. The guitarist shared this anecdote from those days on his Facebook feed:

I was walking down the street behind two young Tool fans who were just leaving the concert. I overheard them raving about the Tool show. Then one of them said ‘and that OTHER BAND, they played some tricky shit!’

Tricky shit, indeed.

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Before ever appearing live with Nine Inch Nails, Adrian Belew has exited the projected touring version of the band. His original Facebook post is updated at The Guardian:

Hey folks … I greatly respect Trent (Reznor) and the music he makes. No one is at fault. [But] we both agreed it just was not working …

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This leaves the ever adventurous guitarist free to work on his long gestating project FLUX. As he tells Something Else! in a lengthy interview:

It’s an idea that’s been in my mind for several decades, but could never be technologically done — until recently. Unlike a record or anything before it, this is never finished. I can continue to add more parts to it, even as people already have it and start listening to it.

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Here’s some artsy prog rock for your Friday. Robert Fripp’s guitar playing is (naturally) precise and thematic throughout this reading of “Starless.”

Record Store Day, the annual celebration of independently owned retail music outlets, marks the arrival of many special releases. This year’s instant rarities include extremely limited items from the likes of King Crimson (a collectors CD with graphic novel, t-shirt, etc.) and Frank Zappa. From to the RSD site:

Frank Zappa &  The Mothers  rare  single originally released in 1973
Available on vinyl for the first time in 40 years!
Remastered from the original analog sources.

• Side A: I’m The Slime     [non-LP track, also shorter than LP version]
• Side B: Montana   [2013 single edit featuring 25 additional seconds]

See also a split 7″ single with Deep Purple and Type-O Negative.

Read about all the 2013 specials at the RSD site.

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The Flaming Lips have always displayed their “whatever we feel like” ethos proudly. Major Lip Wayne Coyne tells Music Radar that has something to do with a history of following progressive rock. He listed his top prog albums including works by Jethro Tull, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson, about whose In the Court of the Crimson King he notes:

The first song is 21st Century Schizoid Man, and it’s such a stellar, freaky track. You don’t really think of it as being made by these incredibly high-minded musicians; you just go, ‘Wow, that’s fucking insane!’

Read all of Coyne’s picks and comments at Music Radar.

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This Fernandes ad comes from Guitar Player, August 2001. In those days Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew were back in the saddle with King Crimson, having released The ConstruKction of Light the previous year. Fellow endorser Reeves Gabrels was into his post-Bowie solo career, Ulysses (Della Notte) being his most recent issue.

The text also cites Steve Vai, The Edge, and Steve Lukather as Fernandes Sustainer users.

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