Pointy guitars. Get it?

Is this the most useful thing you’ll see on the web today? Probably. Guitar World is sharing a helpful tutorial called “Eight Steps to Becoming a Legendary Hair Metal Guitarist.” They focus on techniques (tapping, pinch harmonics) and stagecraft (jumps and gestures), as well as, perhaps the most essential element, gear. What else would we highlight here besides headstocks?

Some say Eighties headstocks were used to scare off stalkers in the crowd. Others say they were meant to remind the lead singer to sleep with one eye open. Regardless of the actual reason, you’ll need to use razor-sharp headstocks that are strong enough to cut through flesh.

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Frank Zappa is a rich and fascinating subject. There are multiple films about the late guitarist and composer, but until now not an official, endorsed-by-the-family version. Alex Winter, whose career has ranged from the Bill &Ted franchise (yeah, he played Bill S. Preston, Esq.) to documentary filmmaking is set to direct the upcoming biography. Here is Winter, via Guitar World:

I am beyond thrilled to be embarking on this journey. Our tale will be told primarily in Frank’s own words; he will be our guide through this journey.

Ahmet Zappa chimes in as well:

This is not an easy story to tell and we trust that Alex truly understands the complex and multifaceted man that my father was.

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She's got Legg.

She’s got Legg.

Here’s a (rather dumb) ad for Dean Markley strings featuring the inimitable Adrian Legg. This was pulled from Guitar World, September 1993, placing it alongside the Relativity albums Wine, Women & Waltz, and Mrs. Crowe’s Blue Waltz. 

A previous Legg/Markley ad can be seen right here.

Straight outta Pflugerville.

Straight outta Pflugerville.

Kendrick has been putting out amplifiers since 1989. Check out this blurb from their site:

With customers like Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Moore, John Fogerty, Keith Richards, Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), Billy Gibbons, and Larry (down the block); our clientele includes anyone that demands the best.

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Texas guitarist Terry Oubre is a little more difficult to track down. He seems to have been involved with The Grass Roots among others and checks out as a super tasty player.

Ad pulled from Guitar World, September 1993.



Here we have the bespectacled King’s X guitar wizard Ty Tabor with his custom Yamaha R62. The ad ran in Guitar World May 1991, but is dated 1990, placing it in the wake of the band’s album Faith Hope Love. Is that a Music Man poking its headstock out on the far right? Hmmm.

Brian Harold May

Brian Harold May

Here’s a 1991 ad for Maxima Gold Strings (name changed to Optima in the early 2000s) featuring Brian May. That year was a monumental one for Queen, of course: In February the band released Innuendo, an excellent return to form and final chapter for vocalist Freddie Mercury who died in November. Ad pulled from Guitar World, May 1991.

Jon A. Toombs

Jon A. Toombs

Jon Butcher’s recording career began during the early ’80s when his band, the Jon Butcher Axis (sensing any Hendrix overtones?) released a series of albums on Polydor. By ’91 when this ad was running, that band had run its course and Butcher hooked up with Barefoot Servants with whom he recorded a pair of releases.

Scanned from Guitar World, May 1991.