Larry plays an F# suspended 56th

Here’s the great Larry Coryell with his Cort signature model. This appeared in Guitar Player, January 1997, concurrent to the album Sketches of Coryell, as reflected in the copy.

The Mazzolas

The Mazzolas

Hot on the heels of the Saigon Kick ad, here comes some more ’90s fallout. This is Joey Mazzola from Sponge (you remember “Plowed,” right?) with his Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster. And … his daughter Rosalyn. Joey is also with the Detroit Cobras.

Scanned from Guitar Player, January 1997.


Here’s a great video via Guitar Player. Jason Becker will always be an inspiration.

Dudes from Saigon Kick

Dudes from Saigon Kick

Here are members of Saigon Kick just hanging out by a palm tree in Key Biscayne, Florida. This Ovation ad was scanned from the May 1993 issue of Guitar Player, at which time the band was between the albums The Lizard (you remember “Love is On the Way,” right?) and Water. They broke up in the ’90s but reformed in 2012.



I guess this is Rudolf Schenker for Kitty Hawk. That’s his face and presumably part of his signature; plus the ad dates to the period of the Scorpions (band name not mentioned) album Pure Instinct. Geez, why so cagey, Kitty Hawk?

Pulled from Guitar Player, January 1997.


Not a lefty.

Not a lefty.

Here’s an obscure one, Dave DiPietro selling his own instructional videos. DiPietro, as noted in the text, played guitar for TT Quick (“Go for the Throat” is the name of one of their songs) and Nuclear Assault, among other pursuits. He’s also known to be a mentor to Zakk Wylde. He’s not known to be left handed, regardless of the photo.

Scanned from Guitar Player, May 1993.



Frills? Nyet.

This Sovtek ad is about as low key as it gets. (Another example from ’97 is dazzling by comparison.) But it did score a nice quote from Mike Soldano.

Scanned from Guitar Player, May 1993.


“The World’s First Tube Wah Wah Pedal!”

Ahh, what more can be said about Madame Tubewah’s Tube Talker? Not a helluva lot, really. Prior to this post, the only trace of this wah wah pedal on the web was one being offered for sale at Harmony Central in 2007. The manufacturer, Calgary’s Musitech Guitar Products, seems to have had its trademark canceled in 1998.

Scan from Guitar Player, May 1993.


Lita Rossana Ford ca. 1993

Alvarez are mostly known for their excellent acoustic guitars, but, like Ovation, have made electric inroads. Here is Lita Ford with the most pointy Alvarez Dana Scoop, its extreme cutaway hidden here by Lita’s arm. And what was Ms. Ford up to in ’93? Not much in terms of releasing music, as the album Black was still a couple years away.

Scanned from Guitar Player, May 1993.

"From deep withing the jungle ... made in America ... y'know, whatever ...."

“From deep withing the jungle … made in America”

Rhino Guitar Amplification is another deceased brand about which not too much can be found, though they were seemingly endorsed by Yngwie Malmsteen and Ron Keel at certain points.

Pulled from Guitar Player, March 2001.


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