"The Transensor is a Current based design, not VOLTAGE like every other pick-up."

“The Transensor is a Current based design, not VOLTAGE like every other pick-up.”

Shawn Lane left a legacy of stunning playing for us to absorb. This ad from ’97 cites his solo release Powers of Ten as well as a collaboration with bassist/musical partner Jonas Hellborg, Temporal Analogues of Paradise, among others. Also note Shawn’s Vigier Excalibur signature model guitar. Lace pickups, meanwhile, have been manufactured by Actodyne General International since the mid-’80s and were once standard equipment on Fender guitars.

Ad scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, January 1997.

While we’re on the subject, check out this 2001 interview with Shawn conducted for Pointy Guitar predecessor Grace & Fury.

Third head from the top needs more mids.

Stanley & Paul

When this Marshall ad was running in the November 1996 Guitar Player Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and the rest of Kiss had entered reunion mode following their Grammy appearance earlier in the year. On the horizon was a string of tepidly received albums starting with ’97s Carnival of Souls. 

As I’ve noted variously at the Pointy Guitar Facebook and Twitter pages, the most viewed ad in the site’s history is one for the Washburn Wonderbar Tremolo System, as scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, October 1985. I cracked wise in the original post that “Mssrs. Rose & Kahler had the last laugh at this ad,” but it seems Washburn’s device has a devoted underground following. In fact, PG reader Steve Sparks operates a site devoted to the tremolo, “a place to host the docs/pics I’ve found,” as he puts it.

So, take a look at some schematics, fan photos and Mr. Sparks himself rocking an ’85 Washburn at washburnwonderbar.com.

Right here.

.008 - .046

.008 – .046

Here’s the incredible Jason Becker during the days of David Lee Roth’s A Little Ain’t Enough. It was during the recording of that album, of course, that Jason noticed the onset of ALS. Ad scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, January 1992.


Bostonian flannel.

Here we have Nuno Bettencourt in one of his many Washburn ad appearances. Inset is the Extreme album III Sides to Every Story, released in September ’92. This full page piece, meanwhile, was still running when Guitar for the Practicing Musician, September 1993 was published.


Rudy & Mat

Rudy & Mat

It’s nice to imagine the Scorpions’ Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs are playing “Holiday” or “When the Smoke is Going Down” in this Ovation ad. (Could happen, right?) At any rate, this ran around the time of the band’s album Face the Heat.

Scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, September 1993.


Waylon Arnold Jennings

Waylon Arnold Jennings

How iconic was Waylon Jennings? His name isn’t even featured in this Dean Markley ad. The legendary artist was musically active for more than 30 years, appearing on more than 50 albums. This ad, coming as it does from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, September 1995, appeared between the releases Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals & Dirt and Waymore’s Blues (Part II).


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