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Glen Campbell’s health troubles have been well documented and his ultimate passing at 81 was not unexpected, but it stings nevertheless. Here are a couple of thoughts from The New Yorker:

He sang in a clear voice that was particularly well-suited to songs of compromise—anything that betrayed all the strange negotiations we allow in order to move deeper into the lives we want. His dexterity with a guitar—he is an agile, artful picker—never seemed to wane.

Dexterity is definitely one way to put it. Check out this compilation of often blistering, always tasteful solos:

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According to producer Julian Raymond, work is progressing on what is reported to be singer, entertainer and genuinely badass guitar player Glen Campbell’s final album, Ghost on the Canvas. Campbell has enlisted a host of enthusiastic guest artists including former Guided by Voices captain Robert Pollard. Also on board:

(Paul) Westerberg wrote the title track, and other collaborators include members of the Dandy Warhols, guitarist Steve Hunter, former Prince cohort Wendy Melvoin and drummer Josh Freese.

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