Music Radar has run a new interview with astrophysicist Brian May who also happens to play guitar for Queen. In the article, May talks about Golden Days, his collaboration with vocalist Kerry Ellis (including what’s behind their version of the Gary Moore classic “Parisienne Walkways”), the mystery of riff writing, and the role of guitar in popular music:

Guitar can do lots of stuff: it can make the nice background, it can make a nice rhythm bed for things to lie on. But post-Hendrix, (the guitar) is a voice which demands to be heard in the same way that a human voice demands to be heard.

Read more and give a listen to a May/Ellis track at MR.

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Straight outta Pflugerville.

Straight outta Pflugerville.

Kendrick has been putting out amplifiers since 1989. Check out this blurb from their site:

With customers like Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Moore, John Fogerty, Keith Richards, Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), Billy Gibbons, and Larry (down the block); our clientele includes anyone that demands the best.

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Texas guitarist Terry Oubre is a little more difficult to track down. He seems to have been involved with The Grass Roots among others and checks out as a super tasty player.

Ad pulled from Guitar World, September 1993.


Must watch: The late, great Gary Moore does a stunning version of “The Messiah Will Come Again” by the late, great Roy Buchanan.

Gary Moore has only been gone a year and a half, but some fans paint a sad picture of the late guitar hero’s grave. According to a report in the Belfast Telegraph:

When I went to look for Gary Moore’s grave at the parish church, it took me ages to find. Just as I was giving up I found it tucked away against a back wall with no obvious markings. The grave was not delineated or looked after — there were lots of fallen leaves not swept up.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Moore family cites inclement weather as the reason for the plot’s state:

A headstone is currently being made, as arranged by Gary’s family. It does take some time for the ground, following a burial, to settle and to be able to support a headstone or memorial piece. But with the continuing wet weather, this has added to the time that the ground is taking to settle.

Read more and see a photo of the grave’s current condition at the Telegraph.

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Traveling to Belfast any time soon? If so, be sure to check out the special Gary Moore exhibit at the Oh Yeah music centre. According to the website of the “charity and a social enterprise,” you’ll find on display such items as:

Gary’s Black ‘quilted’ Gibson Les Paul guitar.

A series of gold albums, framed magazine covers, signed photos, tour passes, posters and flyers.

Read more at Oh Yeah.

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Gary Moore and crew performing “Nuclear Attack” in 1983. The Pinkpop Festival is an annual music event held in the Netherlands, for the record.

Bad form?

I had to do a double take when flipping through the August 2011 issue of Vintage Guitar. Right there, taking up the entirety of page 151’s tabloid space, is an ad for Radial Engineering’s Tonebone Trimode distortion pedal featuring none other than Gary Moore, deceased these six months. I understand that these ads are created and placed well ahead of time, but … c’mon. Kudos to Radial for including Annihilator’s Jeff Waters; still, does this strike anyone as odd?