Mike Riggs

Mike Riggs

Riggs was another in a succession of Rob Zombie cohorts with gear deals. (J. from the White Zombie days even had a Fernandes endorsement back when.) This beautifully garish ad was running around the time of the Rob Zombie album,  The Sinister Urge (inset), in the creation of which Riggs was involved.

Taken from Guitar World, March 2002.



This Fernandes ad comes from Guitar Player, August 2001. In those days Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew were back in the saddle with King Crimson, having released The ConstruKction of Light the previous year. Fellow endorser Reeves Gabrels was into his post-Bowie solo career, Ulysses (Della Notte) being his most recent issue.

The text also cites Steve Vai, The Edge, and Steve Lukather as Fernandes Sustainer users.

From the Rooney Archive


Here’s a fairly typical ’80s “Superstrat,” the Fernandes FR-65. Please note the “Head Crasher” locking tremolo system. Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician,  August 1988.

Straight outta Osaka

Do you realize that Fernandes has been around since 1969? Truly—they started building flamenco guitars (!) in Japan over 40 years ago. This ad for the Fernandes Vertigo, from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, July 1998, features Prong’s Tommy Victor and Dave Silva of My Head, a band in the Suicidal Tendencies family tree.

Don’t bother calling that toll-free number for a catalog—it’s disconnected.

Aside from just seeing some of the weirdest of the web, you can pick up a lot of interesting information over at Guitarz. They’ve recently presented a couple of different instrument brands that feature a black cat inlay at the 12th fret. And there’s a good explanation:

The Burny brand was produced by Fernandes, but the Fernandes name was initially reserved for Fender replicas with the Burny brand being applied to Gibson replicas.

Who knew?

Read more and see pics at Guitarz. Right here.


In conjunction with the previous post, here is Neal Schon for the Fernandes FER. SUSTAINER TRANSDUCER. Neal and Journey, of course, were featured on the soundtrack to Heavy Metal with the decidedly non-heavy metal track, “Open Arms.” This ad, on the other hand—taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, January 1993—dates to Schon’s Hardline period.

The excellent site Guitar Collecting has a page devoted to signature model guitars. There you can view the beautiful (Gibson Billy Gibbons “Pearly Gates” Les Paul),  the egregious (the very hideous Chris Impellitteri Dean Signature Spider Guitar), the pointless (John Mayer Stratocaster),  or the rare (Fernandes Brad Gillis Signature Stratocaster). About that last one we learn:

It comes with Fernandes Floyd Rose Licensed “Head Crasher” Tremolo, which works very fine. The real gimmick with this guitar is a preamp power booster system.

I never knew.

Stop by GC and take a look at their complete list.

Right here.