Man on a Mission

Man on a Mission

In the early ’90s Ernie Ball/Music Man were manufacturing the Eddie Van Halen signature model guitar. Though Eddie moved on to Peavey in 1995, the instrument remained in production under the name Axis. This ad was scanned from Guitar World May 1991, the days of Van Halen’s triple platinum For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.


Guitar World is running a new feature spotlighting ten Van Halen songs with commentary by none other than Edward Van Halen himself. You can check out his reflections on “Eruption” and “Unchained,” along with “And the Cradle Will Rock”:

The solo on that song is unusual. I do one short lick that’s very spontaneous. It came out because I had been listening to Allan Holdsworth, who I think is the baddest. This was a first take …

Read it all at GW.

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According to Van Halen News Desk, a fan site dedicated to all things VH, Edward Van Halen himself will appear on the forthcoming LL Cool J album Authentic. According to VHND:

LL Cool J announced that his album features several musical guests, including Eddie Van Halen, Tom Morello and Snoop Dogg.

Read more and see a pic of the pair in the studio at VHND.

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Guitarist Alex Skolnick is a diverse talent who has created disparate music with Testament and his own trio. It’s no surprise, then, that his list of essential guitar albums, as described to Music Radar, is an eclectic assortment. In addition to landmark fare as Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow and Van Halen’s debut, Skolnick points to Miles Davis’ We Want Miles (featuring Mike Stern on guitar), Question and Answer by Pat Metheny and Live Album by Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit which stars guitarist Jimmy Herring. Skolnick on Live Album:

This is one of those records that, anytime I play it for somebody, it’ll make that person scratch his head and say, ‘Why have I not heard of this guy?’ It’s really that good. I was very impressed by Jimmy’s vocabulary on the guitar. His total approach to the instrument is vast.

Read the entire list at MR.

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Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” may be the granddaddy of the modern solo spot as we know it. This clip from 1982 is listed as “Eruption,” but many of Eddie’s classic bits are present: “Little Guitars (Intro),” the intro to “Mean Street,” and some speedy licks reminiscent of “Spanish Fly” all dart in and out of the 12:00 showcase.

Bonus solo: Check out this version of “Cathedral” from 1983. Dig that bizarre Kramer double neck.


Pointy Guitar’s Solo Spot Week is a special feature in honor of … well, we just felt like it.

Eddie Van Halen has had emergency surgery for diverticulitis, according to multiple sources. Rolling Stone describes the effect of the circumstances on Van Halen, the guitarist and the band:

Eddie … will spend the next four to six months recovering. As a result, the rockers are rescheduling a tour of Japan that had been slated for November.

Read more at Rolling Stone.

“Photo by David Bertinelli”

Did you know Eddie Van Halen’s middle name is Lodewijk? Anyway, this is an ad for Kramer guitars, but with special attention to the exclusive Floyd Rose Sustainer pickup. Scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, February 1990, this piece appeared between the Van Halen albums OU812 and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.