Blue Voodoo

Blue Voodoo

Here’s Marty Friedman in his Crate days. In ’96 when this ad was circulating, Marty released  the solo album True Obsessions and was on the eve of Megadeth’s Cryptic Writings.

Taken from Guitar School, June 1996.

From the Rooney Archive.


“Crate player since 1987”

Here’s an ad from Guitar World, August 1992. At that point Lita Ford was still working the album Dangerous Curves, here referenced. It seems she was between marriages to Chris Holmes and Jim Gillette at the time, for those keeping a time line.

Straight from Venice to you

Alex Masi was Italy’s answer to the shred craze of the late ’80s/early ’90s. He was probably best known in the U.S. right around the time this ad was running in Guitar for the Practicing Musician, February 1990. By that time his band Masi had released Downtown Dreamers and Alex’s solo album Attack of the Neon Shark, cited in the ad, had been nominated for the Best Instrumental Rock Album Grammy. Who knew?

"Dave Murray stepped up to Crate in 1992."

Here is Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray in an ad for … Crate? Yep. This piece boasts of his endorsing Crate and promotes Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark. Fear not though—Maiden and Murray had good years ahead of them. From Guitar for the Practicing Musician, January 1993.


Why do I feel like I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of Crate ads before it’s all said and done? Straight out of Guitar for the Practicing Musician April 1989, a time and place one might be touted, “the fastest guitarist on the scene,” we have Chris Impelliterri. Come to think of it, he’s pretty much known for … being really fast. And once upon a time playing with Graham Bonnet.

"Hey, how did Plunk get up there?"

Sometimes the wise-ass comments almost write themselves. Sure Steve Lynch was a rockin’ guitarist, but why include the full-stack-straddling, knee sock-wearing Steve “Plunk” Plunkett? And … it’s a Crate ad. Oh well. Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, July 1988.