Bruce Howard Kulick

Bruce Howard Kulick

Aside from serving with KISS 1984-96 and Grand Funk Railroad from 2001 to the present, Bruce Kulick has also recorded with Michael Bolton (that’s the first time he’s been referenced at Pointy Guitar), Billy Squier (misspelled “Squire” here) and the band Union. Their album The Blue Room is cited in this Celestion ad. Scanned from Guitar Player, April 2001.


Bob Kulick’s little brother

This ad for SIT strings dates to Bruce Kulick’s stint in Kiss, specifically to the Revenge album. Scanned from Guitar School, July 1992.

From the Rooney Archive.

Bruce Howard Kulick

Here we have Bruck Kulick in his KISS days touting the BBE Stinger, an early stomp box version of the Sonic Maximizer. This appeared in Guitar for the Practicing Musician, February 1990, the same issue that featured the KISS-less Mark St. John in a Westone ad.

At the time of this writing it appears that Kulick is a member of Grand Funk Railroad. Who knew?