The guitar seat in Return to Forever is a luminous position historically held by the likes of Al Di Meola and Frank Gambale. But the group’s original guitarist was the great Bill Connors, shown here on German television in a lengthy workout on the RTF classic “After the Cosmic Rain.”


Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Bill Connors and Al Di Meola, Frank Gambale has assumed the guitar chair in Return To Forever. Would the fusion virtuoso have passed up the opportunity to play alongside Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and Jean Luc Ponty? According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

I couldn’t turn it down. I’d be insane. It’s going to be a wonderful year of incredible gigs.

Gambale, of course, was Corea’s longtime foil in the keyboardist’s Elektric Band. Check out some amazing footage of the that group right here.

And read more on Gambale’s current state of affairs at Gibson’s website, right here.

Proofreader = FIRED

Man, I loved my ADA MP-1 preamp. Its tonal flexibility was something very cool back when MIDI ruled the land. This ad, taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician May 1989, had some firepower: Kirk Hammett, Paul Gilbert, Vito Bratta and Vernon Reid were all the rage at the time.

But man, it has some problems. First of all, I get it from a graphic design perspective, but VITO BRATTA IS NOT FUCKING LEFT HANDED. So, y’know, he shouldn’t be represented that way. Oh, also—Steve Bartek and Bill Connors have their names misspelled! Come on, ADA!