Before ever appearing live with Nine Inch Nails, Adrian Belew has exited the projected touring version of the band. His original Facebook post is updated at The Guardian:

Hey folks … I greatly respect Trent (Reznor) and the music he makes. No one is at fault. [But] we both agreed it just was not working …

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This leaves the ever adventurous guitarist free to work on his long gestating project FLUX. As he tells Something Else! in a lengthy interview:

It’s an idea that’s been in my mind for several decades, but could never be technologically done — until recently. Unlike a record or anything before it, this is never finished. I can continue to add more parts to it, even as people already have it and start listening to it.

Read much more and listen to a sampling of Belew works at Something Else!

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Marvel at Adrian Belew performing “Drive” as part of the Chicago Humanities Festival. Be sure to seek out the other clips from this series.



This Fernandes ad comes from Guitar Player, August 2001. In those days Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew were back in the saddle with King Crimson, having released The ConstruKction of Light the previous year. Fellow endorser Reeves Gabrels was into his post-Bowie solo career, Ulysses (Della Notte) being his most recent issue.

The text also cites Steve Vai, The Edge, and Steve Lukather as Fernandes Sustainer users.

From the Rooney Archive


Where do Peter Fonda and King Crimson meet on U.S. TV? In 1981 it was on Fridays, ABC’s fleeting attempt to compete for a Saturday Night Live type audience. This version of “Elephant Talk” is outstanding. Also: Click around to find “Thela Hun Ginjeet” from the same episode.

Guitar Moderne has posted a video from Adrian Belew’s 2011 appearance at the Chicago Humanities Festival. Here’s what it’s all about, according to GM:

Great stuff here including midi instrumentation, layering and combining effects such as echo lengths with pitch shifts, loop pedals, compound rhythm structures, and time signatures.

Jump on over to Guitar Moderne and check it out.

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Fretless guitar guru Ned Evett has returned to the studio. The project will feature at the helm none other than Adrian Belew, in whose Nashville facility the recording will take place. From Belew’s Elephant Blog:

For my part I’ve been studying ned’s rather prolific pile of songs, choosing the material for the record, and preparing my thoughts on how to ruin, I mean, produce his shiny new brood. I’m also looking forward to running my new studio through its paces.

Get thee to the Elephant Blog for more.

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"A Harmon International company"

Here’s an ad from Guitar for the Practicing Musician April 1998. According to their site, Belew is still a Johnson endorser along with the likes of Reeves Gabrels, George Lynch, and Doug Derryberry of Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

Ever check out Adrian Belew’s “Elephant Blog?” It’s good stuff. In one recent entry the dynamic guitarist reminisced over the circumstances that led to him joining King Crimson—a morning telephone call from KC mastermind Robert Fripp on the heels of a Talking Heads tour party:

he began by saying he knew I was not one for “raving” and so felt safe in calling so early. he was wrong. I had a blistering hangover. mortified I had already let down one of my heroes I sheepishly asked if he could call back later.

Have a look at the whole story and much more right here.

"Kahler is original equipment on Charvel, Dean, Aria, Carvin, Guild, BC Rich, Hamer, Washburn, JTG and others." Well, how about that?

The twang bar king in a twang bar ad. Adrian Belew from the back cover of Guitar for the Practicing Musician, July 1984. Thankfully the real Belew has held up better than this issue.


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