Fuze is from another planet. This is what is sounds like there.

Robin Trower’s album Bridge of Sighs has endured for more than 40 years, owing to its perfect storm of songs, playing, and production. Trower recently revealed the (lack of) secret weapon to a Guitar World reader:

There was no magic 100-watt Marshall or special guitar. Almost everything I owned was pretty new. I just went to Manny’s, the legendary guitar shop in New York City, and listened to about six or eight Strats acoustically and settled on a black one and a white one.

Read more from Robin Trower’s installment of “Dear Guitar Hero” at GW.
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Bruce Howard Kulick

Bruce Howard Kulick

Aside from serving with KISS 1984-96 and Grand Funk Railroad from 2001 to the present, Bruce Kulick has also recorded with Michael Bolton (that’s the first time he’s been referenced at Pointy Guitar), Billy Squier (misspelled “Squire” here) and the band Union. Their album The Blue Room is cited in this Celestion ad. Scanned from Guitar Player, April 2001.



While some guitarists seem to hop endorsements on a regular basis, Steve Vai has been with Ibanez and Carvin, as shown here, for ages. This ad for the Carvin Legacy amp ran in Guitar Player, April 2001 making it the contemporary of Vai’s collection The 7th Song, Enchanting Guitar Melodies (Archives Vol. 1), inset here.

.008 - .046

.008 – .046

Here’s the incredible Jason Becker during the days of David Lee Roth’s A Little Ain’t Enough. It was during the recording of that album, of course, that Jason noticed the onset of ALS. Ad scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, January 1992.


Today would’ve been the 115th birthday of the great Django Reinhardt. Have a look at the man in action.

Among the untold number of fantastic guitars being unveiled at NAMM 2015 are B.C. Rich’s new take on their classic Mockingbird, the Contour and Contour X models. What’s the deal? From Guitar Player:

In the past, the ability to duplicate the sleek and sultry details of the custom shop have been hard to reproduce on a factory floor, but new technology and production methods bring the Contour to fruition. Although it is not the first production Mockingbird to have an arched top, it is the first to come anywhere close to what was being done in the handcrafted shop.

Read more at GP.
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