This is Jennifer Batten

This is Jennifer Batten

Here is side person to the stars Jennifer Batten appearing as part of a series of early ’00s Seymour Duncan ads that also featured Robben Ford and Frank Gambale. Batten is cited as a member of the Jeff Beck Band, and indeed she contributed to his 2001 album You Had it Coming. 

Scanned from Guitar Player, April 2001.

Killer tune from a band of virtuosi who just announced a 2015 U.S. tour.

CLIVE, Iowa, 03.12.15 – Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson (“Number Seven,” if you’re scoring at home) was hospitalized owing to (wait for it) a knife fight. Let’s let Guitar World handle this:

Thomson, 41, and his younger brother, Andrew, 35, were taken to a local hospital in separate ambulances after the altercation, which took place in the front garden of the guitarist’s home.

Boys will be boys. Apparently the neither of the Thomson brothers sustained life-threatening injuries. Slipknot is breaking from a tour which is set to resume in Florida in April.

Read more at GW.

Right here.

As I’ve noted variously at the Pointy Guitar Facebook and Twitter pages, the most viewed ad in the site’s history is one for the Washburn Wonderbar Tremolo System, as scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, October 1985. I cracked wise in the original post that “Mssrs. Rose & Kahler had the last laugh at this ad,” but it seems Washburn’s device has a devoted underground following. In fact, PG reader Steve Sparks operates a site devoted to the tremolo, “a place to host the docs/pics I’ve found,” as he puts it.

So, take a look at some schematics, fan photos and Mr. Sparks himself rocking an ’85 Washburn at

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Care to hear about 300 great chords? Click and watch.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal’s 10th full length album Little Brother is Watching is on the way and the erstwhile Guns N’ Roses guitarist gave Guitar World a glimpse inside his world. Aside from addressing the writing and recording processes and his current gear, Thal revealed his state of mind:

(Charity) is everything. Over the last few years, I’ve begun to figure out what matters and have started making a lot of decisions. I would rather play for 10 little kids and put a smile on their faces instead of playing for 100,000 people. The world might not agree, but that’s me and that’s how I’m going to live.

Read more and check out video of a very Bumblefoot solo from his album’s title track at GW.

Right here.


An incredible performance from the masterful Bill Frisell.


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