This is the official Troy Van Horn discography. (Did you know there was need for such a thing? Just keeping organized over here.) (Also, there’s an unofficial discog over on Discogs. Weird, right? It contains some items that I’ve not yet covered―or claimed―here.)

Click on the album cover to have a listen and/or download. Click on the title to read stupidly detailed notes where available. Take no action to do nothing.

discog_ge_circles GENTLEMAN ECHO | There Shall Be No Circles

discog_tgv_os THE GREAT VEHICLE | Observatory Sermons

discog_ge_isl GENTLEMAN ECHO | Islands Shouting Lies

discog_ge_aor GENTLEMAN ECHO | Absolute Ozone Robot

discog_tgv_pcw THE GREAT VEHICLE | The People’s Cathedral of Wavelengths

discog_ge_re GENTLEMAN ECHO | Research Arc

discog_fohp FEDERATION OF HORSEPOWER | Stay Down

discog_cd_mm COMMANDER DOUBLEMEAT | Make Mine

discog_bm_dp BURNING MIRROR | desired:purity