Download some PDFs of various lessons. Why not?

Here are the materials included with the “Intrepid Arpeggios” series of video lessons that constituted my entry into the 2013 True Fire “Next Top Guitar Instructor” contest. (I got annihilated in the final voting, but it was still fun.)

Intrepid Arpeggios, No. 1: Suspended 2nd Shapes 

Intrepid Arpeggios, No. 2: Harmonic Minor Sweep

Intrepid Arpeggios, No. 3: Nines and Elevens

Intrepid Arpeggios, No. 4: Add9 Array

Intrepid Arpeggios, No. 5: Violins

And this is from the contest entry submission:

Hybrid-picked legato triple stops

Other material:

WORMHOLE GUITAR | Compound Arpeggios No. 1
(Lesson here)

WORMHOLE GUITAR | Binary Arpeggios 2
(Lesson here)