While listening to the aforementioned No Guitar is Safe podcast, I was reminded of the time when Joe Satriani toured with none other than Mick Jagger. (The story of how this happened can be found in the inaugural episode of the above.) Here are Satch & Mick (along with guitarist Jimmy Rip, bassist Doug Wimbish et al.) in Japan doing a song from Jagger’s Primitive Cool album.

Wonderful stuff from Israeli-born Gilad Hekselman and his trio.

Ready for pristine tone and perfect playing? Check out this clip of Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan performing “Morning Sun.”

Here’s a nice live take on the track “Bomb” from Tom Verlaine and company, ca. 1987.

The incredible Joe Pass takes the Leigh Harline and Ned Washington classic for a spin. That tone.

Killer tune from a band of virtuosi who just announced a 2015 U.S. tour.


Care to hear about 300 great chords? Click and watch.

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