Glen Campbell’s health troubles have been well documented and his ultimate passing at 81 was not unexpected, but it stings nevertheless. Here are a couple of thoughts from The New Yorker:

He sang in a clear voice that was particularly well-suited to songs of compromise—anything that betrayed all the strange negotiations we allow in order to move deeper into the lives we want. His dexterity with a guitar—he is an agile, artful picker—never seemed to wane.

Dexterity is definitely one way to put it. Check out this compilation of often blistering, always tasteful solos:

Read more from the Times right here.

No, not tiny aircraft, though … those might make a nice accompantiment too.

“Of all harmonic devices, it [a drone] is not only the simplest, but probably also the most fertile,” says musicologist Peter van der Merwe. I don’t know much about him, but the sentiment goes right along with this clip. Here I’m making it up on the fly against the backdrop of a single C# note. Chord progressions can spark ideas for improvisation: Not only does a series of chords indicate a key, it gives you something to react to. With a drone, it’s all on you.

If you saw our recent Steve Vai post, then you may already be hip to Make Weird Music. But check it out: MWM auteur Anthony Garone himself … makes weird music. Badass weird music with ripping guitar, as a matter of fact. Click below to check out the track “Three Legged Dog” that also features drummer Morgan Ågren, bassist John Landy and fellow guitarist Jan Zehrfeld. (Need more incentive? Mr. Vai himself said, “That track is insane. It certainly stands true to the title of the site.”) (Also, don’t miss the righteous Magma poster behind Morgan Ågren.)

John Abercrombie and Ralph Towner take us on a 13 minute improvised trip.

Will you just check out the sound of these three guys? Oops, sorry―that’s just Ian Ethan Case playing both necks of his Ovation. This is absolutely bewitching stuff.

Learn more about this innovator at his own site.

Right here.

7-string wizard Dave Weiner is known as a recording artist and educator as well as being a key member of Steve Vai’s touring band. He’s currently gearing up for Vai’s Passion & Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour and is sharing the process on his YouTube channel. Let’s check out “I Would Love To,” shall we?

Scott Henderson has long been one of those guitarists who can make you shake your head and say, now how the hell did he think of that? Check out his highly evolved and visceral style in this clip of the song “Dolemite.”

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