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Ulrich Roth

Ulrich Roth

Approximately 50 guitar enthusiasts including myself had the rare pleasure of seeing the legendary Uli Jon Roth play in a small club in Kansas City last night. Roth, on the road with the “Xtreme Guitar Tour,” was dazzling leading his band through material dating as far back as the Scorpions’ 1974 classic Fly to the Rainbow. Second guitarist David Klosinski was a great surprise, flawlessly executing hair raising harmonies with Roth. Also on the bill was an iteration of the band Black Knights Rising featuring an outstanding performance from Craig Goldy.

G.C. Jr. beneath not very 'bright lights.'

G.C. Jr. beneath not very ‘bright lights.’

Blues bellwether Gary Clark Jr. brought his modernized mix to a sweltering Kansas City last night. Highlights of his 19 song set at Crossroads KC included “Please Come Home” and a scorching “Numb.” Here’s how the Kansas City Star’s Tim Finn summed up the young icon:

Clark can be an incendiary guitarist when he chooses, and there were plenty of fireworks all night: salvos of notes and chords delivered at high speed and in high volume, then splintering and climaxing almost libidinously into a seismic resolution …

Read the entire review at Back to Rockville.

Right here.


10 heads ... zero power cables. Oh well.

10 heads … zero power cables. Oh well.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the backline Zakk Wylde used for Black Label Society’s set at this past weekend’s Rockfest in Kansas City, Mo. The five full stacks appear to be cosmetic (as such monolithic walls are these days), though Zakk did reportedly employ four additional 4x12s for his stage sound.

Photo courtesy Gregg Todt. 

Photo: Dave Benscoter

Photo: Dave Benscoter

Here’s a nice shot of the extraordinary Guthrie Govan doing his thing with The Aristocrats. The band played Saturday, August 17 at Shamrock’s in Omaha, Neb.



Slash Pauls

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of Slash’s Les Paul stash as seen at Kansas City’s annual Rockfest this weekend.

Photo courtesy Gregg Todt.


Spotted at a thrift store this weekend: A “Guitar self instruction” single. Sadly, it was cracked so I didn’t pick it up. Now we may never know how to play. Sorry.

Have you seen these things?

RG2011SC - Limited Edition

I was nearly devoured by the alligatoresque lower cutaway of this Ibanez RG2011SC as I tried out a Parker Dragonfly at Funky Munky Music. Why bother with this design, you ask? According to the Ibanez site:

The new Limited Edition Ibanez RG2011SCBK has a 30-fret neck that allows metal shredders to reach high and beyond other guitars.

Ahh, ok. Shades of the Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar, I suppose.

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