To commemorate the passing of Kyser Capos founder Milton Kyser, The Unique Guitar Blog is running an in depth post about capos. The article covers the history, usage and variations of the device. For example, were you aware that classical and flamenco guitarists also capos? From UGB:

Capos are still being produced for classic and flamenco players. These devices, known as cejillas, are made of an ornate piece of wood or ivoroid that usually has a strip of felt on the bottom.

Read all about it and see photos at UGB.

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Picture Zakk Wylde and you may envision, among other things, denim, an unruly beard, and a Les Paul. In a new feature, Zakk walks Premier Guitar through his favorite Pauls, including perhaps his most iconic instrument, the bull’s-eye adorned ’81 Custom he calls “The Grail:”

I don’t think it even had the paint job yet when we were recording (No Rest for the Wicked). When we were getting ready to do some photo shoots, I was like, “Dude, I can’t have a clean Les Paul. It’s Randy’s (Rhoads) signature thing.” I asked for the Hitchcock vertigo design but it came back with the bull’s-eye on it. I had to do the photo shoot the next day so I was like, “Fuck it.”

Read it all at PG.

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The blog Guitarz has existed for more than a decade (a lifetime in Internet years) and continues feature unique instruments. You should jump over and check out the Hanson Gatto, which they summarize like this:

Its design is both simple and original – the most difficult combination to reach -, ergonomic and dynamic, with classic gear – two humbuckers, two knobs, a Bigsby trem…

Go on – have a look.

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Guitar World has posted a conversation with Mick Mars about his renowned guitar collection. Though the Motley Crue guitarist has had an untold number of pieces pass through his hands over the years, his current count is around 100, including his longtime instrument of choice the Fender Stratocaster. Says Mick:

I started buying stock Strats after I got that pieced-together one (used in Motley Crue) in ’87. My earliest one is from the early Sixties. I’d love to get a Fifties Strat, but they cost too much now.

Read much more and take a look at some of the axes at GW.

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He has ESP custom models coming out, that is. Genre hopping guitarist Alex Skolinck has been added to the roster of ESP endorsers with his new Alex Skolnick EC and LTD AS-600 signature guitars, available in early 2014. Via Blabbermouth, the Testament guitarist says he was initially skeptical:

(I)n recent years, I’ve become a vintage guitar enthusiast, with standards that are tough for any manufacturers to live up to (and) what was being promised was a tall order: a new guitar bearing the same traditional quality I’d grown accustomed to, but with a fresh feel, a modern aesthetic, options for variation and greater durability. I’m thrilled to report that the project has succeeded on all counts.
Read more and take a look at the instrument at Blabbermouth.

Following his break with Suhr, guitarist Guthrie Govan has joined the ranks of Charvel endorsers. From Guthrie via Charvel’s blog:

These guitars sound great, and the necks are just ridiculous. The good people at Charvel are encouragingly keen to hear all my feedback about their instruments. Whenever I share an idea with them, it feels like they’re really listening.

Read the full post at Charvel.

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Artist Series Guitars (ASG) is rolling out a limited run of guitars designed by bands Bad Brains and As I Lay Dying. From Guitar Player:

Each band is branding the guitar with album artwork set exclusively for their Artist Series Guitar. (The guitars) are made of solid mahogany and include such high quality features as ASG Arsenal Pickups, Kluson-style tuners, a hand-carved mahogany top and gravedigger headstock.  Each guitar is individually numbered out of 50.

Read more at GP.

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Because I could listen to Guthrie Govan talk and play all day. Nice looking prototype from Charvel. “Pretty, but not annoyingly pretty,” as Guthrie puts it.

Prong mastermind Tommy Victor has joined with Schecter Guitar Research to create a custom model which will be revealed at the 2013 Winter NAMM show. Says Victor, via Blabbermouth:

We put our minds together to design an intense model that we know guitar players and collectors of all sorts are going to appreciate. I’m personally impressed with the outcome.

Read more and take a look at the Tommy Victor Schecter at Blabbermouth.

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Aerosmith are enjoying a heightened profile at the moment owing to their new album and tour. The Boston rock institution has been seen on national TV, in packed arenas, and in the media on a basis not seen for years. And Guitar Aficionado has posted a conversation with Brad Whitford. Not surprisingly, the veteran guitarist favors a meat and potatoes rig:

I know what I like, and that’s a Les Paul or a Stratocaster plugged into a 100-watt Marshall or into a newer amp inspired by a Marshall. That kind of setup has been my preference ever since I saw Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin in 1968.

Read more and see Brad with some vintage guitars at GA.

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