TRANSCRIPTION | Pete Cosey with Miles Davis

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 9.11.11 AM

Here’s a quick excerpt from Miles Davis’ “Live in Vienna 1973 Stadthalle ganzes Konzert.” This passage occurs during a frenetic Pete Cosey solo at around 58:00 when Miles cuts the band out. Though Cosey was known for using dozens of alternate tunings, this appears to be played in standard.

This section begins with Cosey playing freely and chromatically, implying C7. What follows is fairly stock run using the blues scale; what’s unique is his use of the open G in the mix. Though the note is elsewhere in the scale (10 the fret, A string), it really jumps out in the open position.

Cosey was a fixture during the Davis electric period. Recognized for his interplay with Reggie Lucas in the ensemble, he was also an exiting soloist.

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