Meditation No. 24 – D minor

Is this a house ad or a lesson or what? A little of both, I suppose.

The video above features a performance of “Meditation No. 24 – D minor” from my book Meditations for the Electric GuitaristIt’s probably the most lyrical piece of the 24 therein, a nice vignette to play inside a grotto or beneath a mist-shrouded street lamp (if you happen upon either). Got 1:28? Please give it a listen.

Ok, what about the lesson, then? Where’s the transcription? The twisted theoretical analysis? Ehhh, it’s been more of a lesson to myself. I set out to record “No. 24” earlier this year and was able to produce … a serviceable rendition.

Sounds pretty inspired, right?

I realized quickly that I was rather woodenly playing the notes—holding my breath and plowing through the measures just to get to the end. But I wasn’t really playing the music. So I walked away for a while.

For some reason I woke up with jazz theorist George Russell in my head this morning (why do these things happen?). That unprecedented reverie lead me to a quote: “We become what we habitually contemplate.” That’s kind of gets at it: I had to think about the piece, get inside. And I was able to capture a version I like.

By the way, as the composer I took some liberties, adding in a few notes I wish I’d entered from the beginning. Y’know—in case you’re following along at home.

Ears open.

(Before anyone mentions it, yes, Dm is the saddest of all keys.)


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