Feel the noise

Guitar finery is well and good: Expertly executed arpeggios and impeccable phrasing can set apart a performance in the most genteel way. But sometimes what’s called for is an outburst of racket, the type of squall with which the electric guitar made a name for itself. Premier Guitar‘s article “10 Essential Slides, Scrapes, and Noises” outlines such abrasive tactics as The Revving, The Elephant, and The Strangler. Do you know them? And you have to love this piece of advice:

Note: For dramatic effect, all the following examples land on a low E5 chord. Hey, why would you do a power slide in the first place if it didn’t land on an E5?

Read all of Aurelien Budynek’s tips at PG.
Right here.

And for another classic take on alien cacophony, see Steve Vai’s classic article from 1984, “Weird Noises.”

Right here.

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