Speaking of guitar weirdness

Guitar World is running a new survey of exploratory sounds, “Top 10 Weirdest Guitar Sounds Ever Recorded.” In addition to such expected parties as Adrian Belew and Steve Vai, also represented is Fred Frith:

On his 1974 album Guitar Solos, (Frith) pioneered the concept of “preparing” guitars: tuning them to unorthodox pitches, attaching alligator clips to the strings, and playing them by any means other than picking. This particular track sounds like a drunken ghost talking.

And, of course Tom Morello. Regarding the Rage Against the Machine track “Revolver:”

The intro sounds like R2D2 on a bad trip, while the start of the solo calls to mind a factory treadmill. (Morello) can make all the same noises as a turntablist – and then some.

Check out the entire list with audio and video samples at GW.

Right here.

And speaking of Vai, jump back to 1984 for his Weird Noises guitar lesson.

Right here.


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