Toto guitarist and studio veteran Steve Lukather has some thoughts on Spotify culture and the current state of recorded music in general. He’s not so crazy about it. Via Mike Collins’ blog:

It is TOO easy to play ‘pretend pop star’ now. With all the fakery and auto tune-time correction -cut and paste etc.. fuck most young people don’t know how to play a song from top to bottom in a studio in tune and in time and with feeling? I am in the studios all the time and hear the stories from the producers and engineers.. and yet NO ONE cares that ’ so and so’ who sold a shit load  of records ( how much IS that these days? )  cant sing or play. They make ‘McRecords’ for people who don’t even really listen.  It’s background music for people to either find a mate or shake their heads while texting or skyping or doing other things. Environmental noise for the multi-tasker.

And there’s a lot more vitriol where that came from. Read it all at Mike Collins Talks Music, Biz & Technologie.

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A hot tip from Mr. Beau Bledsoe.