Exploratory guitarist Elliott Sharp has a new blog up over at Guitar Player wherein he discusses his piece “Mare Undarum.” The work features a string quartet, but also includes the composer on the rig he describes here:

I brought an L5S Thinline with P-90-type pickups made from Warmoth parts, the Celmo compressor, an old Rat pedal, and the Eventide PitchFactor. The guitar’s resonant properties made it a good match for the completely acoustic string quartet. Plugging into the house Fender Deluxe amp, I found I had to barely crack the volume open to get a sound that would blend with and not overwhelm the quartet.

And the score itself is as intriguing as the ensemble:
(T)o create this score I used only Photoshop’s waveform modulations on my “seed material,” images exported as graphic files from notation written in Sibelius specifically to be used for this purpose.
Read much more at GP.