John Petrucci dissects Dream Theater

Guitarist and de facto Dream Theater leader John Petrucci has given Music Radar an in depth look at the band’s new eponymous release. Aside from discussing the group’s approach and aesthetic, Petrucci also digs into each track. His diverse points of reference should come as no surprise, considering the breadth of the DT’s material. Here’s a glimpse at “The Bigger Picture”:

There’s a particular kind of ostinato part that allows the song to build, especially when you hear the chord changes moving by. I love playing that role – it’s definitely a Pete Townshend thing to do.

And, regarding the guitar solo-free “Along for the Ride”:

You know, there’s a lot of guitar solos on the record, so I can’t hog all the space. [Laughs] Even when I was writing it at home and it went into where the keyboard solo starts, I thought it was more ELP. Jordan did a great job of pulling off an improvised solo. It’s Lucky Man-esque, the sounds that he gets.

Take a look at the complete piece at MR.

Right here.


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