Joe Holmes returns with Farmikos

Joe Holmes, best know for his stint as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, has returned with new music and a new band. His group Farmikos will issue a batch of tunes in 2013. Holmes, of course, has an impressive resume. From

Aside from several Ozzfest tours with Ozzy – and participation in the writing sessions for the Ozzman’s Down To Earth album – he played with Lizzy Borden and also replaced Jason Becker in David Lee Roth’s band for the A Little Ain’t Enough tour.

Read more and listen to Farmikos at

Right here.


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  1. I wanted to share with you Joe’s first public statement since leaving OZZY.

    Happy New Year Everyone!
    It’s been a long time coming. I’m really proud of this music and am excited about getting it out. So far everything has been done without a label or management and we’re in the process of figuring the best way to put this music out.
    I’ve been working with a great vocalist Robbie Locke and fortunate to have had Robert Trujillo and Brooks Wackerman guest on this set of songs along with song writing contributions from Brent Hoffort.
    Stay tuned for more to come!
    Joe Holmes~

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