What’s Andy Summers up to?

Have you lost track of Andy Summers? Fear not: Popdose has a brand new interview with the guitarist wherein he discusses upcoming musical projects, playing stadiums in front of his kids, and Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police, an imminent documentary. The film is very much about Andy:

This is the story of a guy who passed through the rock scene. It’s a more visceral, and far more personal, experience, not some people yapping away about The Police’s place in rock history and all that.

Here’s a great anecdote about happening onto a Japanese karaoke bar with the film crew in tow:

I heard “Every Breath You Take” coming out of one of these bars. I got the cameraman, who followed me in, and I just joined in, surrounded by drunks. When I revealed myself they all just sort of gasped and sighed. We got lucky there.

Read it all at Popdose.

Right here.


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