Duane Denison: Tomahawk “can do anything”

Vanguard supergroup Tomahawk is poised to release Oddfellows, their first album since 2007. Guitarist Duane Denison discussed the band’s approach with Nashville Scene, noting that, even though the members’ individual pasts are all over the musical map, they try to practice some restraint:

I feel like we can do anything. But I think the trick is to keep it reined in somewhat, to try to maintain some focus and not go in too many directions.

And regarding Oddfellows:

Some of this album is fairly straightforward hard rock and then some of it is … I don’t know what you’d call it — avant-pop or something? If anything, I think the album is a bit hookier and has bigger choruses than anything we’ve done.

Read the rest at Nashville Scene.

Right here.

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