The ludicrously talented Mike Keneally is in South America as part of the current iteration of the G3 touring franchise, playing keyboards for Joe Satriani. Mike is making the most of his time with Satch and the other stellar guitarists on the road. As he reports on Facebook:

Steve Morse just busted out his guitar here in the airport and showed me the harmonics section from “Night Meets Light” (amazing old Dregs tune) – the part of the song I was never able to figure out when I tried to teach myself the song at age 15. A nearly life-long nagging feeling of irresolution, resolved!


In Rio de Janeiro getting ready for night one of this G3 run … I was already having a good time and then (John) Petrucci came into the dressing room here and gave me a chorus pedal he designed. VERY sweet of him, I totally have a warm and fuzzy feeling now.

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