Rick Springfield is known for being an actor and pop star, but he’s also a classic guitar nut. And he has a bunch of them. Guitar World spoke with him about many things, including his collection:

I have guitars all over my house. I have them on the walls. I’m a guitar whore. When I walk into a guitar store, I get the same feeling as when I was 15. I still get that rush. I think they’re beautiful. I love the way they look and the fact that they promise a unique sound.

And about that Strat that was in the “Jessie’s Girl” video:

I remember trading it after I’d recorded Working Class Dog. And somehow (the owner) found it based on looking at the wood grain, the neck and the swirls on the pickguard from the video. It was up for auction, and I was thinking of getting it — but I couldn’t bring myself to pay for my own guitar, so someone else got it.

Read more and see some of Rick’s great guitars, including a ’60s Framus Hollywood and a ’60s Maton Wedgetail, at GW.

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