AD: Dick Dale for Dean Markley

Richard Anthony Monsour

This Dean Markley ad comes from Guitar Player, September 1996, the “Surf & Space” issue. No surprise to find Dick Dale, the “King of Surf Guitar,” in its pages. For having a career spanning 50 years, Dale has released surprisingly few albums. In ’96, however, he was experiencing a resurgence due to his iconic “Misirlou” being used in Pulp Fiction and was pushing that year’s release Calling Up Spirits.



  1. We’re the Mad Men at Ramirez&Associates, Revolutionary Advertising that
    banged out this conceptual collage featuring Dick Dale; it was shot at the Catalyst Bar in Santa Cruz, CA. A young fan was hovering around outside
    hoping to meet the legendafy Ripper…so we brought him in to meet him.
    He asked Dale why he strung his guitar strings upside down…Dale smiled
    and answered “Because I didn’t know what the F*ck I was doing when I
    started out”.

    Andrew Joaquin Ramirez

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