See that my grave is kept clean: The state of Gary Moore’s burial site

Gary Moore has only been gone a year and a half, but some fans paint a sad picture of the late guitar hero’s grave. According to a report in the Belfast Telegraph:

When I went to look for Gary Moore’s grave at the parish church, it took me ages to find. Just as I was giving up I found it tucked away against a back wall with no obvious markings. The grave was not delineated or looked after — there were lots of fallen leaves not swept up.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Moore family cites inclement weather as the reason for the plot’s state:

A headstone is currently being made, as arranged by Gary’s family. It does take some time for the ground, following a burial, to settle and to be able to support a headstone or memorial piece. But with the continuing wet weather, this has added to the time that the ground is taking to settle.

Read more and see a photo of the grave’s current condition at the Telegraph.

Right here.


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