Doug Marks lives

Guitar magazine readers of the past few decades must have at least a passing familiarity with Doug Marks, creator of the “Metal Method” instructional series. For being such a fixture in the pages of Guitar for the Practicing Musician, Guitar World and others, Marks himself hasn’t seen much press. But GW is running a new interview with the famed teacher. Marks describes the birth of “Metal Method” as a case of being in the right place at the right time:

I decided to follow my dream and move to LA to start a band. It was the perfect time, a little bit before all the metal stuff really began. I started giving private guitar lessons but also thought that maybe I could continue to put together something to sell to my students back in Denver. So I began my mail order thing by preparing some material and sending it to them. (S)ome people I knew began encouraging me to take out an ad in a guitar magazine. I noticed that a few other companies had been doing it successfully and figured I could do something more specific for the type of music I like — hard rock and metal. The market for it was just beginning at the time and would only get bigger.

Catch up with Doug Marks at GW.

Right here.


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