Classic Stevie Ray Vaughan cameos

During his tragically short career, Stevie Ray Vaughan managed to make a wide variety of guest appearances on others’ albums. Guitar World has written up what they opine to be the top five. The list includes SRV’s workouts on recordings by Johnny Copeland, Lonnie Mack, and David Bowie. Regarding his playing on “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”:

Let’s Dance served as the world’s introduction to Vaughan, who, with Bowie, invented something new by adding Texas-style blues guitar to contemporary, dance-based pop music — raising eyebrows, expectations and bank accounts for all involved. Guitar-wise, the song that truly kicks collective ass is the less-famous “Cat People (Putting Out the Fire).” It’s also got the album’s healthiest serving of SRV; he solos in the middle, adds Albert King-style bends throughout and then solos near the end of the song.

Read the entire listen and listen to the tunes at GW.

Right here.



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