Axes with names

Are your guitars members of the family to the point that they have nicknames? Guitar Muse is running an article chronicling some storied instruments that are recognizable by moniker. The summary includes Tony Iommi’s “Old Boy,” Willie Nelson’s “Trigger,” and Yngwie Malmsteen’s “The Duck,” about which they note:

When Yngwie purchased it, as a teen, it was Olympic White in color. Since then The Duck has seen a new paint job, several pickup changes (all Seymour Duncans), new frets (after a fan threw a bottle at the guitar and popped off the 17th fret), at least 6 neck (due to headstock breakage) changes.

And check out this fact about Brian May’s “Red Special”:

(T)he guitar has been “upgraded” and repaired a few times. In 1998 and 2005 it was refinished and had some other cosmetic work done on it, and later the zero fret was replaced. The other frets have not been touched.

Read about them all at GM.

Right here.


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