You just can’t make this stuff up. Guitarist Andy Scott of glam legends Sweet has been handed a bill totaling more than £50,000 (over $77,000 USD) for court costs after initiating a suit against an Austrian eBay seller. Scott alleged that Dietmar Huber from the western Austrian city of  Nüziders had breached the band’s copyright when he sold a copy of The Legend Lives On in an online auction for under £1 (about $1.50). According to Mail Online:

(A)fter a five-year legal battle, the OGH (Austrian high court) has ruled in favour of  (Huber), saying no crime was committed (and) the bill for the court hearing as well as Mr Huber’s legal costs will now have to be paid by the band.

Read more and see a very fancy old promo shot of Sweet at Mail Online.

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