Study with Andy Partridge

Here are a couple of great video lessons with XTC’s Andy Partridge, originally produced by Though Dave Gregory was justifiably recognized as the “lead” guitarist of XTC, Andy Partridge is no slouch. (Note his mimicking of Ollie Halsall at 3:47 in Part 1 and see also the extended tortured workout within “My Land is Burning” from his Fuzzy Warbles Volume 5).

Partridge may not be steeped in the nomenclature of music—he doesn’t always give notes the technically correct names in context and so forth—but that is far from the point. These clips reveal a quirky mastery of composition and a brimming musicality from which much can be learned. All that and they’re hilarious. Enjoy.

A tip of the flat cap to E. Voeks for alerting me to these videos’ existence.


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