Inquisition: Richard Lloyd

Here’s another of the unearthed original Inquisition columns from Grace & Fury. I certainly have exchanged email with some outstanding musicians.

Please welcome the renowned and influential Richard Lloyd to The Inquisition. You can hear Richard’s playing on all of Television’s classic albums as well as on releases by others including Matthew Sweet.

What’s the last album you listened to?
Busta Rhymes – Genesis

What is one album you feel everyone should listen to?
Jimi Hendrix – Axis Bold As Love

Name one person, present or past, that you would love to collaborate/jam with.
Mike Bloomfield

Name one person outside of music that you admire and why.
G.I Gurdjieff. Because he was awake.

Do you read music?
Not so good.

Any other obsessions/passions besides music?
Hypnosis, Yoga, Alchemy, Qi Gong, Tantra, Hermeticism, etc…

What was your first guitar, do you still have it?
It was a Ukulele. I played it with a quarter as a pick. Then I got a Stratocaster. I have neither of those anymore, but I still play Strats.


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