AD: Eddie Van Halen for Peavey

High Gain Tube Amp

From ’91 through ’94, Peavey manufactured Eddie Van Halen’s signature 5150 amplifier. When the two parties parted ways, the model was renamed the 6505. This ad, from Guitar World, January 1992, came out squarely in the Sammy Hagar era, following VH’s For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

Did you know that the four “Van Hagar” albums all went to #1 in the U.S., the only VH releases to do so?


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  1. His new amps are pretty sweet. The clean channel is actually clean and the middle channel is tone-stacked like a Marshall. The lead channel is still kind of Soldano-ish: squishy, mid-heavy and the harmonics are insane. They don’t hiss as bad as the Peaveys either. The 5150 combo I used to own, hissed so bad, I thought something was wrong with it. I have to say though… his tone throughout the Sammy era was pretty bad, drenched by harmonizer. The new stuff is much better.

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