Inquisition: Shawn Lane

Digging in the archives: Here is a reposting of one of the original “Inquisition” articles that ran on the long deceased Grace and Fury website.

This email interview was conducted with Shawn in 2001, less than 18 months before his untimely death. It is being presented here in its original form. One can almost sense the flood of words and ideas flowing through the man while reading this verbatim manuscript.

What’s the last album you listened to?
the 1958 hungaroton recordings of gyorgy cziffra including his legendary transcriptions of the william tell overture,tritsch-tratsch polka,flight of the bumblebee,and others,cziffra is an amazing pianist,easily
the equal to vladimir horowitz though much less known,in america at least,his pupil cyprien katsaris is his only true hier artistically,and as amazing as they are technically,they are still not in my opinion the virtuosi that marc-andre hamelin and maurizio pollini are,the former being the greatest young pianist ,the latter,possibly the greatest living pianist,now that glenn gould and sviatoslav richter are both dead.exiting vulgar stuff

What is one album you feel everyone should listen to?
j.s. bach the goldberg variations glenn gould columbia records 1955

Name one person, present or past, that you would love to collaborate/jam with.
l.shankar (south indian carnatic music violinist) and my partner in music, bassist, jonas hellborg

Name one person outside of music that you admire and why.
noam chomsky for his intellectual honesty and clarity,also gore vidal(for the same reasons)

Do you read music?

Any other passions/obsessions besides music?
my other obsessions are;cinema,painting,politics,evolutionary biology,quantum physics, interviews, biographys,zoology,architecture,sculpture,sociology,history,anthropology, vermeer, velasquez, rembrandt,shakespear,ingmar bergman,tarkovsky,fellini,godard,bruegel,bosch,van eyck,the
element of crime,the fifth element,reds,nusrat and qawwali music,salamat and nazakat ali khan,bhimsen joshi,pandit jasraj,mandolin srinivas,1920’s piano recordings,david lynch and angelo badalamenti,sergio leone and ennio morricone,alfred hitchcock and bernard herrmann,louis lombardo,dede allen,conrad hall,sven nykvist,vittorio storaro.

What was your first guitar and do you still have it?
a teisco electric,and a green stamp acoustic,no i dont have them

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