AD: Charvette by Charvel


Here’s another Super Strat lost to the mists of time, the Charvette. A snippet of history from the “unofficial Charvette guitars fan site” (of course there is one):

Charvette was a trademark used on Korean made guitars in the late 1980s and early 1990s by the Jackson/Charvel Company. The brand was introduced to cover the budget end of the market. The name itself is a blend of Charvel and the French suffix “-ette” which is used to form nouns meaning a smaller form of something. Thus Charvette is meant to convey a smaller or lesser Charvel. The United States Trademarks and Patents Office assigned the “Charvette” trademark as dead in 2001, having been unused for a number of years.

“Smaller or lesser.” Why, I never.

Read more and shop for parts at

Right here.

Ad taken from Guitar World, September 1989.


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