Willie Nelson, no stranger to the courtroom, is now part of a class action lawsuit against Monsanto. According to many sources, Nelson, along with 300,000 organic farmers, is calling for an “Occupy the Food System” act, declaring:

Cor­po­rate con­trol of our food sys­tem has led to the loss of mil­lions of fam­ily farm­ers, de­struc­tion of our soil …

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Elsewhere, Journey guitarist Neal Schon is on the receiving end of a $50 million suit. Noisecreep explains why D.C. socialite and reality TV persona Tareq Salahi has a problem with Schon:

The silent but deadly serious wine merchant claims the Journey axe man stole his lady, Michaele, and that their secret relationship has caused Tareq’s reputation irreparable damage.

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(And tsk, tsk for misspelling Schon’s first name.)

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