Better soloing in +/- 33 easy steps

Guitar Muse has posted “33 Guitar Solo Ideas.” Author Nicholas Tozier’s article provides just that—nearly three dozen cool tips that might lend life or cohesion to your improvisations. Here are a few favorites:

21. Stubbornly play in a different time signature than the rest of the band is using.
28. Leave notes out of scales to create exotic patterns with large leaps between notes.
33. Play it like a drunk falling down a stairwell.

Read the complete list at GM right here.

All of that got me thinking of Steve Vai’s Martian Love Secrets column from 1989. That seven-part series is housed in its entirety at Vai’s official site right here. Note this esoteric advice from the initial installment:

(T)his month’s first lesson is to realize there is a total uniqueness and individuality about yourself, and that it will make itself more and more apparent each day. You must believe it. Dwell on it every day, and it will become part of your thinking. You will be what you think you are. “I am that”.


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